All Praise Is Due to You, O God (Psalm 65)


Verse 1 
All praise is due to you, O God!
Our prayers you hear, our hearts you draw.
All peoples crowd around your throne,
Our sins are strong but you atone!

Verse 2
By awesome deeds you answer us:
Your righteousness, your sacrifice.
As oceans reach and mountains rise,
O God of hope you fill our eyes.

With joy we sing!
With shouts, we lift our song!
All praise is due to you,
Is due to you, O God!

Verse 3
You still the frenzy of the seas,
With pow’r and strength with calm and ease,
The nations ‘round us rage and roar,
But you bring peace forevermore.

Verse 4
You send your waters through the earth,
Your Spirit flows to give new birth:
The harvest grows you bring forth life,
You build your kingdom by your might.

Verse 5
O Father send us, make us bold,
To tell of Christ to make him known,
That ev’ry tongue might sing aloud,
"All praise is due to you, O God!"


Vocalist(s): Alex Trygstad, Erin Farmer (BGV)


Words and Music by Alex Trygstad 
© 2024 Alex Trygstad Music (BMI) 
CCLI Song # 7186302