Christ Our Hope


Verse 1
We were once in darkness bound by night,  
Were wandering sheep without the light,  
In ignorance and unbelief.  
But now through Christ we have a home and sing:  

Christ, our hope, our hope,  
Christ our living hope  
Brings life and peace gives strength in need.  
Christ, our hope.  

Verse 2
Though we cannot see him now by sight,  
Our hearts are filled with true delight.  
Salvation now through faith is ours.  
And as we wait to see his face we sing:  

Verse 3
As we work each day for what is right  
And suffer under this worlds might,  
We look to Christ; To this were called  
Beneath our father's gaze of grace we sing:  

Verse 4
So entrust yourself to God alone,  
Cast all your cares before his throne.  
Our Shepherd cares for all his own,  
He will restore, confirm, and strengthen you. 


Words and Music by Alex Trygstad  
© 2020 Alex Trygstad (BMI)
CCLI Song # 
Vocals: Michaela Swan
Piano: Alex Trygstad


About This Hymn

In every season of the Christian life, Christ is our hope.  This hope is rooted in the certainty that our God left his throne above, came to earth to save us, and returned to his throne to reign.  The book of 1 Peter traces this blessed hope and this hymn draws from the major themes of the book.  In Verse 1, we look at our sinful state before God saved us, that we were lost and in darkness.  In Verse 2, we confess that even though we have not seen Jesus face to face, we still love him and are filled with joy.  In Verse 3, we are given words for our struggle in suffering - "as we work each day for what is right, and suffer under this world's might, we look to Christ, to this we're called." In Verse 4, we are lovingly invited to cast all our cares before the throne of our Father who cares for all his own and we are sent forth with the certainty that he will restore, confirm, and strengthen us.