Great Is The Lord Our God (Psalm 95)


Verse 1
Oh, come sing to the Lord on high,  
Come to the rock of our salvation.  
Come into his presence now,  
Come make a joyful song of praise!  

For great is the Lord our God,  
Come to his presence and sing.  
He is above all gods,  
Our great and exalted King!  

Verse 2
His hands hold the deepest earth,  
He has made the highest mountains.  
He fashioned the wildest seas,  
He has formed the driest land.  

Verse 3
Oh, come worship come bow down,  
Kneel before the Lord our maker.  
For he is our God above,  
And we are the sheep of his hand.  

Verse 4
On this day, if you hear his voice,  
Listen! Do not Harden your hearts.  
For Israel went astray,  
And they did not enter his rest.  

Verse 5
Oh, come sing to God the Son!  
Come to the rock, the living water.  
Come to our Shepherd King,  
Come to Jesus Christ and sing! 


Words and Music by Alex Trygstad 
© 2020 Alex Trygstad (BMI)  
CCLI Song # 

Vocals: Michaela Swan
Piano: Alex Trygstad


About This Hymn

Psalm 95 is one of the 4 Invitatory Psalms that the Church has used through the ages to call God's people to worship.  We are "invited" to behold God for who he is, our Creator and Redeemer, and to respond in heartfelt singing and praise.  The last third of the Psalm is a sobering call to listen to God's voice.  "Today if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts."