How Majestic Is Your Name (Psalm 8)


O Lord, our Lord,  (O Lord, our Lord)
How majestic is your name (your name)
In all the earth! 

Verse 1
Your glory shines above the skies 
Your strength leaves foes undone. 
We hear from children’s lips, the cry:  
Hosanna to the Son! 

Verse 2
We from below look up above  
And see the moon and stars.  
We wonder that our God, in love 
Came down to bear the scars. 

Verse 3
Our Savior, Jesus left his throne 
To dwell with you and me. 
Through death he won the royal crown 
That death would face defeat. 

Verse 4
All creatures in the world he made  
His lordship they proclaim. 
May we with them in awe and praise 
Obey and bless your name.


Words and Music by Alex Trygstad  
© 2020 Alex Trygstad (BMI)
CCLI Song # 

Vocals: Michaela Swan, Abigail Cajiga
Piano: Alex Trygstad