I Grieve the Lord of Grace


Verse 1
We now declare with you, O God,
What you reveal is true:
Our sin is great, our Savior strong,
Salvation comes from you.
We wander far, we go astray,
O how we love our ways.
Your loving hand now brings us nigh,
O hear us now, we pray!

Chorus 1
O Father I have sinned!
I grieve the Lord of grace.
O please forgive me, raise me up
To walk within your ways!

Verse 2
We now confess to you, O God,
Our anger, lust and pride;
Our careless words, our prayerless days,
Our idols, and our lies.
We sin in thought, in word and deed,
O Lord, how great our need:
We need the Son of righteousness
To save and set us free!

(Individual Silent Confession of Sin)

Verse 3
We now rejoice that you, O God,
Have sent your only Son,
What all who rest and trust in him
Find healing in his blood.
His painful death has paid our debt,
How great his sacrifice!
His perfect life now bids us cry,
"In Christ we're justified!"

Chorus 2
O Father, I am free!
I stand alone by grace.
O Spirit help me, raise me up
To walk within your ways!


Vocalist(s): Molly Elizabeth Jeffery, Alex Trygstad (BGV)


Words and Music by Alex Trygstad  
© 2023 Alex Trygstad Music (BMI)   
CCLI Song # 7194652 

About This Hymn

The Greek word "homologos" means the same (homo) word (logos).  When we confess our sins to God, we are saying the same thing about our sin that God does - it is evil, it is our fault, and it deserves the wrath of God.  In this hymn, we are led through confessing our wandering hearts, our general and specific sins, and then our great hope of forgiveness through Jesus' work for us.  The Chorus 1 gives us the words to plead for mercy before the Lord and ask his help to walk in ways.  After rejoicing in the forgiveness we have in Christ, we sing the Chorus 2, words of hope as we declare that we are free, we stand alone by grace, and we need the Spirit's help to walk in his ways.  This hymn includes an optional time of silent confession of sin during the instrumental following the chorus after verse 2.