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The Project

This album features hymns that align with each part of a Sunday Worship Order.  Liturgy means "the work of the people" and is simply the order of elements in the worship.  These elements are chosen and ordered so that the grace of God the Father through the work of Jesus Christ might be applied by the Holy Spirit through God's word and his means of grace of his Word, the Lord's Supper, and Baptism.

Each hymn will support the gospel flow in worship: Praise, Lament, Confession of Sin, Assurance of Pardon, Thanksgiving, Preparation for the Preaching of the Word, The Lord's Supper, Response & Sending, and Benediction. 

The Timeline

Most of the hymns for this new album have been completed and several singles will be released in the coming months leading up to the full album release later in 2023. 

Your Support

Your donation will go toward covering fees for band musicians, sound engineers, and distribution.

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