Oh Taste and See (Communion Hymn)


Verse 1
O magnify the Lord with me  
And praise his name together  
He rescued me from all my fears  
I’ll bless his name forever.  

Oh, taste and see  
The Lord is good!  
Come feast around his table!  

Verse 2
In poverty we come to him  
Who with his riches clothes us  
To him we come with empty hands,  
He fills them with his goodness.  

Verse 3
The Lord is near the broken heart  
He saves the crushed in spirit  
His healing hands are hands of love  
His grace, come now, receive it.  

Verse 4
With joy we now come unto him  
With gladness to his presence  
His grace now flows to needy souls  
Through Jesus Christ the Savior.


Words and Music by Alex Trygstad  
© 2020 Alex Trygstad (BMI)
CCLI Song # 

Vocals: Michaela Swan, Abigail Cajiga
Piano and Viola: Alex Trygstad


About This Hymn

All the Scriptures are fulfilled in Jesus and the new covenant realities he ushered in.  Psalm 34 speaks of tasting and seeing that the Lord is good.  What a picture we have of this truth in the Lord's Supper.  In communion we get to embody what the Psalms foresaw in shadow form - we taste the goodness of Christ himself as we partake of bread and wine and our hearts are strengthened in him.  His grace flows to needy souls as we come to him with empty hands.