The Bruised Reed


Verse 1
Behold the servant of the Lord
In whom God sweetest love we see.
Arise, look up here Jesus' words:
"Rest has been won indeed."
The bruised reed Jesus will not break;
The smoking flax he will not quench.
"For such I too was bruised and grieved;
Mercy now receive."

Verse 2
He cherishes the hurting soul
Weighed down by guilt and sorrow.
Are you thus bruised? This you may know:
Jesus calls to you.
He shed his blood to heal our souls,
Was pierc'd and died to make us whole.
Your wounded hearts no more conceal;
Healing now receive.

Verse 3
The smoke of sin and darken'd thoughts
Obscures the fire from heaven.
Fear not, the work God has begun
He will complete in you.
For Jesus is our life and light;
To attend our souls is his delight.
"My flame was quench'd for such as these;
My light now receive."

Verse 4
We wait for him who will end our grief
And triumph over evil.
Our eyes are fixed upon our King;
Justice he will bring.
He frees us from our inward gaze
and strengthens us with the grace of faith.
"I'll not grow faint till all is won;
Vict'ry now receive.”


Words and Music by Alex Trygstad
© 2020 Alex Trygstad (BMI)
CCLI Song # 

Vocals: Michaela Swan
PIano: Alex Trygstad