I Am Not My Own (Heidelberg Catechism)


I am not my own,  
I'm yours and yours alone.  
I am not my own,  
I belong to my savior Jesus Christ.  

Verse 1
What comfort do I hold?  
What peace preserves my soul?  
In life or in my death,  
What brings me calm and rest?  

Verse 2
My debt is satisfied  
For Jesus bled and died.  
He has delivered me  
From Satan's tyranny.  

Verse 3
My Father's gracious will  
Can make my fears grow still.  
All things must by his hand  
Show forth his saving plan.  

Verse 4
The Spirit from above  
Assures me of God's love  
And strengthens me within  
To live my life for him. 


Words and Music by Alex Trygstad
© 2020 Alex Trygstad (BMI)
CCLI Song # 

Vocals: Michaela Swan, Abigail Cajiga, Daniel Schwab
Piano: Alex Trygstad


About This Hymn

The first question of the Heidelberg Catechism asks, "What is your only comfort in life and in death?"  The answer is rich, bathed in Scripture, and has comforted Christians for 500 years.  The answer is that we do not belong to ourselves - we belong to another.  And if we belong to our Savior, Jesus Christ, he will care for his own.  We have no fear in this life because of our Father's gracious, loving plans.  The Holy Spirit is our comfort and our guide as we journey through these pilgrim days.